There are many different characters that appear throughout the series. Here they are broken in the section they appear in.

Since there are three Ravenhearst Games, two Madame Fate games, and two Dire Grove Games, all the characters in those series are under same heading.

Main CharactersEdit


S.T.A.I.N. Members

  • Gertrude Goodlittle - Leader of S.T.A.I.N.

Prime SuspectsEdit


  • Kara Donnan AKA La Couturiere Criminelle - Occupation: Seamstress and fashion mogul
  • Annie Buddyhome AKA Mommy - Occupation: Housewife and suspected master thief
  • Constance Noring AKA The Snoozy Cruiser - Occupation: Curiosity shop operator and accidental car thief
  • Holly Day Inn AKA Her Heinous Highness - Occupation: Photo op fiend and collector of shiny objects
  • Barry Swanson AKA Spry Guy - Occupation: Unemployed superhero
  • John Thomas AKA Johnny Vicious - Occupation: Soccer hooligan
  • Arthur Lugen AKA Art the Carny - Occupation: Crooked carnival worker
  • Ricardo Gherkin AKA Dick Pickle - Occupation: Fruit vendor and toenail enthusiast
  • Ronny Tidwell AKA Big Iron Ronny - Occupation: Street performer
  • Foley Zipper AKA The Hollywood Scoop - Occupation: Ex-paparazzi and gossip columnist
  • Abe Stinkin AKA Abe the Babe - Occupation: Hot dog vendor and amateur meat collector
  • James Michael AKA Jimmy Glitter - Occupation: Lead guitarist of rock band Buttercream
  • Elizabeth Wright AKA Barbell Betty - Occupation: Salvage yard worker and professional body builder
  • Matilda Fitzgerald AKA Tone-Deaf Tilly - Occupation: Dental assistant and aspiring jazz singer
  • Crystal Ball AKA Madam Fleiss - Occupation: Fraudulent medium
  • 1011001 AKA Walter Gomez Jr. - Occupation: Jobless welding robot
  • Rudy Sinclair AKA Petro-Breath - Occupation: School teacher
  • Vincent Gavone AKA Vinny the Chin - Occupation: Token Mafia guy
  • Pierce Hart AKA Doctor Defect - Occupation: Pseudo physician
  • Susan Williams AKA Chocolate Sandie - Occupation: Black-market cookie pusher

Ravenhearst GamesEdit

Major Characters

Twins G&C

Minor Characters

  • Dr. Robert Lanswiller
  • Abigail Dalimar
  • News Reporter
  • Reginald Somerset
  • Madeline Ravenhearst
  • Lena Caldwell


  • Automaton

Madame Fate GamesEdit

Main Protagonist

Main Antagonists

  • Charles Dalimar
  • Alister Dalimar

Carnival Workers (Carnies)

  • The Amazing Larry the Magician
  • Lucy the Bearded Lady
  • Marlena the Mermaid (Marlena Camelo)
  • Art the Carny (Arthur Lugen)
  • Twyla Tangle the Contortionist
  • Bianca the Daredevil Diva
  • Fabiano the World's Strongest Man (Fabiano Brawn)
  • Lance the Sword Swallower (Lance Pierceman)
  • Armando the Ringmaster (Armando Lucifonti)
  • Tabitha the Lion Tamer
  • Franco the Excessive Fat Man (Madame Fate's eldest son)
  • Dr. Goodwell the Medicine Man
  • Puddles the Clown
  • Dante the Tattooed Man (Dante Camelo)
  • Mao & Amber Tan the Acrobats 

Dire Grove GamesEdit

Allison's Group

The Crowford Family

  • Samuel Crowford
  • Derek Crowford
  • Peter Crowford
  • Lily Crowford


  • Ulf
  • Bjorn
  • Camryn
  • The Forest Light, leader with a deer mask


  • Robert
  • Ted, requires medical help
  • Thunder, Ted’s dog


  • The Banshee
  • The Spirit of the Forest
  • The Child of the Forest


  • Alister Dalimar


  • Cheeky Squirrel
  • Ulf's Squirrel
  • Wolves
  • Bjorn's Bear

Minor Characters

  • Hotel Owner/Manager (William Thompson), mention only
  • Emily Thompson, mentioned only
  • Dean Harris-weatherman, voice only
  • Dictaphone Message Woman, voice only

13th SkullEdit

The Lawsons

The Lees

  • Mary
  • Lewis

The Landrys

  • Travis "Cooter"
  • Charlotte
  • Mr. Crickets (parrot)


Ghost Pirates

  • Phineas Crown

Crown's Crew

  • Jack Dancer, a notorious gambler.
  • John Ward, a filthy drunkard.
  • Enrique Brower, who never lost a duel.
  • William Knave, the double-crosser.
  • Roberto Confresi, the dandy one.
  • Rachaeli Ray, the crew cook.
  • Howell Davis, an astronomer.
  • Bryce Carver, the enfeebled one.
  • James Bowen, a wealthy veteran.
  • Lawrence Prince, the minstrel.
  • George Booth, the chronicler.
  • Edward Shortshanks, a dwarf.
  • Grace O'Malley, the nurse and the wife of Captain Crown.

Shadow LakeEdit

Main Characters

Ghost Patrol

  • Jack Talon
  • Kelli, Ghost Patrol Tech
  • Cameraman/driver

Citizens of BItterford

  • Melvin M. Denney, the Warden
  • Ellen Denney, Melvin's wife who assists the Detective, committed suicide 8/15/1975
  • Billy Denney
  • Sam
  • Theodore, the town's teacher
  • Dr. Janet Flemming, the town's Coroner
  • Dale O'Connor, the Sheriff
  • Pastor Roberts, a priest from the local Church
  • Jaime Monihan, a Convict
Shadowlake 3

Ghost Patrol

Broken HourEdit

The Boarding House Household

  • Harold Wallace
  • Meredith Huxley
  • Jacob Huxley
  • Jacob Huxley's Assistant

Boarding House Guests

  • George Pritchard, a Photographer
  • Benjamin Wright, a Paranormal Hunter
  • Sebastian Martin, a Businessman
  • Rachel Appleton, a Writer
  • Emilly Brooke, a Medical Doctor
  • Eleanor "Nora" Ashdown, an Engineering Student

The Black Veil Edit

Main Characters


  • Richard Galloway

The Revenant’s Hunt Edit


  • Alvin Croaker

Rewind Edit


Hotel's Guests

  • Charlotte Dalimar
  • Dr. Goodwell
  • Benjamin Wright
  • Henry Sharpe
  • Franco the Excessive Fat Man
  • Allison Sterling
  • Gertrude Goodlittle
  • Automaton
  • Lucy the Bearded Lady


The Malgrave IncidentEdit

Agent XEdit

Novel SeriesEdit